Events scheduled for the Fall semester

So far the following events has been scheduled for the fall semester (possibly more to come, check our Facebook-page for the latest news and updates!):

Sauna Evening (Saturday 22/9/2018 @ Rantasauna) from 18.00 o’clock

Sauna Evening (Saturday 8/12/2018 @ Ossinsauna) from 18.00 o’clock

We are also holding an election meeting for deciding the board of Nippoli for 2019 sometime in the end of November/early December to keep the activity going, so in case you would be interested in participating at Nippoli on a deeper level, make sure to mark it in your calendar! You can also join our e-mail list to get the latest news to your email account (

As per every year, a few of our active members are going to Japan as an exchange student or through other means and therefore cannot participate next year, so we always welcome new members to continue promoting Nippoli! If you have even the slightest interest in Japan/Japanese language and interacting with incoming exchange students (especially from Japan) at our events, check out the pages in the side bar and/or at out Facebook-page ( and join us!

Should you have any questions related to Nippoli, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Best regards, Tuomas Mäkinen (Chairman 2018)

Winter has come

Nippoli is back from (very short) winter break and already planning the next sauna evenings! The dates of this spring are:

Saturday 3/2/2018 in Ossinsauna

Friday 13/4/2018 in Ossinsauna

See our Facebook page for more info in the coming weeks!

Also, the board of Nippoli for 2018 is represented as follows:

Chairman – Tuomas Mäkinen
Treasurer – Pauli Tuovinen

Vice-Chairman/Publicist – Aleksi Kontiainen
Host/Hostess – Antti Ranni/Gaja Kochaniewicz
Secretary – Aleksi Maunu

Performance auditor – Katri Leino

Fall is Here!

Greetings everyone!

Nippoli is back from the summer break (hopefully you also had amazing time) and continues it’s activities as per usual.

We have two sauna evenings coming up during the Fall:

Friday 29th of September in Gorsu starting at 18:00 o’clock.

Check more out in our Facebook event “here“!

Saturday 9th of December in Gorsu.

More info on that coming later!

Come enjoy the vivid atmosphere with us and broaden your views on the cultures!


Tervehdys kaikille!

Nippoli on palannut kesälomaltaan (toivottavasti myös teillä oli upea sellainen) ja jatkaa jälleen toimintaansa tuttuun tapaan.

Meillä on kaksi saunailtaa suunnitteilla syksyä varten:

Perjantai 29. syyskuuta Gorsussa kello 18:00 alkaen.

Katso lisätiedot Facebook-tapahtumastamme “täällä“!

Lauantai 9. joulukuuta Gorsussa.

Lisätietoja myöhemmällä ajankohdalla!

Tule nauttimaan kanssamme raikkaasta ja elävästä ilmapiiristä, ja laajentamaan näkökenttääsi kulttuurien maailmasta!