Nippoli Storytime

Updated on 4.4.2022 to include event winners and pictures from the event

As an extension to our weekly speaking circles, we are hosting a brand new event called Nippoli Storytime on Saturday April 2nd from 13:00 to 16:00 at Otaniemi, Espoo!
(Väre building, class room F101)

The idea of the event is that you make a speech in Japanese where you share with us a story from your life, for example, how you prepare your favourite breakfast, and we in turn will applaud you and reward you generously for your story!

The event is open for everyone, and we encourage you to take this chance to accelerate your learning! Come and share your story!


The main purpose of the event is to encourage Japanese learning. You are free to choose any topic you wish – anything from your morning routine to your plans of world conquest is allowed. The length of the story can vary from 1 minute to 4 minutes, but don´t worry about the time too much! We will also be allowing the use of a paper if you feel you need extra support to tell your tale.


If you give us a story, we will reward you for it. Japanese candy, cooking equipment, eternal happiness; these are just a few of the prizes we might offer you! It´s time to put the association´s budget into good use!

And you won´t believe this: Nippoli has sponsors!

That´s right. In addition to the prizes provided by Nippoli, you have a chance to win following items:

  • 35€ gift cards to Momotoko ramen restaurant (2)!
  • Sangatsu Manga is offering the following popular manga books in both Finnish and Japanese!
    • My Hero Academia 1-5
    • Restaurant Between Worlds 1-4
    • Weathering With You 1-3
  • Tokyokan rewards speakers with Japanese snacks!
  • Finnish Japanese Society (SJY) is monetarily contributing to the prizes everyone wins!

These additional prizes will be given to those who share exceptionally intriguing, creative or skilful stories with us. We will not be revealing the exact criteria with which the receivers of these prizes are chosen as we want that to be a surprise for the storytellers.

Storyteller sign-up

The event is open for everyone and completely free! In order to estimate the needed space, we would like you to sign-up even if you are only coming to listen to the stories. The sign-up is not binding, so don´t overthink it! 😊

Sign-up: sign-up for the event has ended


My Hero Academia 1-5
Given to Konsta Tarkkala for telling the most entertaining story
Restaurant Between Worlds 1-4
Given to Pyry Laitinen for telling the most interesting story
Weathering With You 1-3
Given to Jaakko Hintsala for telling the most emotionally moving story
Momotoko gift card (35€)
Given to Ilkka Viljanmaa for giving the most beutifully pronounced story
Momotoko gift card (35€)
Given to Bent Harnist for telling an all around strong story

Concratulations to the winners!

Every participant also recieved a gift bag containing snacks from Tokyokan as well as writing tools given by Nippoli.

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