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Learning to Go

Hello everyone! I´m sure many of you have heard about Go and wondered how it works, thinking to yourselves that you will someday learn the game. Well, today is the day! Welcome to a very basic Go guide!

The first thing is to figure out how to win and the comparisons of Go to chess won’t help. It is confusing to look at if you do not know what the goal is. The goal is to capture as large an area of the board as possible. Take a look at the following 3 pictures and try to guess which side won:

That´s right! The side with more area won! In the last game it is a bit harder to see, as it was a game against a real person, and they quit at that point (white won). Now, to learn the rules of the game, I would recommend watching the following videos, as it is much easier to teach the game when you can show the process piece by piece.

Go – Basic Rules:


Go – Life & Death:


After getting the basics down, I´d recommend starting to practice for real. Online-Go.com is a great site for practicing both against AI and real players. I would recommend you start with the easiest AI with a 9×9 board to get the hang of the game. And that´s really all you need! If you want to learn Go with your fellow Nippoli members, we have a virtual Go bootcamp coming up, the date of which you can vote on the Telegram chat now!

Congratulations, you are now ready to Go!

Online Go: https://online-go.com/

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