Study circles during the summer 2021

Nippoli has now arranged kanji oriented study circle on every consecutively Sunday for 1,5 years with just a short Christmas break. We have now also started a conversation oriented study circle on every Thursday.

The idea is to provide support and introduce new acquaintances to the members who are actively trying to learn the language. Especially now, when the current worldwide situation has made it hard to meet new people, the study group has provided a safe place to meet with other Japanese language students.

Your study background doesn’t matter – some are taking language courses, others are studying on their own. We have shared our study methods, exchange experiences and also more unrelated things like cooking tips.

The Sunday study circle is aimed to persons with Finnish skills, but the Thursday talking circle encourages using only Japanese, so other language skills aren’t needed. Anyone is warmly welcome to participate both or just the other study circle.

The conversation circle:
– every Thursday, 19:00 (Finnish time) onwards on Zoom
– some questions and topics are prepared beforehand for you
– participants talk with each other in groups of 2 – 3 persons
– before dividing to groups, participants have some small talk
– in groups participants use Japanese
– in case of Japanese persons, learning Finnish/English is possible

The study circle:
– every Sunday, 18:00 onwards on Zoom
– participants prepare short word list of their liking every week before the circle
– participants discuss about the words they have collected with each other in groups of 2 – 3 persons
– before dividing to groups, participants have some small talk (in Finnish)
– in groups participants have used mainly Finnish, but some use also Japanese and English

Both study circles lasts 1-2 hours depending on you and your small group. You can get the Zoom links by joining our Telegram group chat or by contacting us directly.

For more information, read the older post (in Finnish) about the Sunday study circle. You can contact us via the Telegram group chat, Facebook or email: opintopiiri (ät) nippoli.fi. Invite link to the group chat is sent to your email when you join as a member.

Summer is the best time of the year to hone your Japanese skills! Only checking out the circles is completely fine, we are always happy to share our study tips and hear yours.

Communications coordinator Pyry hosts the conversation circle, Kalle hosts the study circle.

Kalle Lounela
Nippoli’s treasurer 2019 and 2020, current study circle representative

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